Swedish judiciary in trouble (rerun)

Christer van der Kwast

(Prosecutor Christer van der Kvast)

Rule of law is one of the linchpins of our western democratic systems. So how is rule of law faring in Sweden of today? Many would answer not so well. Recent scandals bear testimony to the declining health in the Swedish judiciary. The story of Thomas Quick, nowadays Sture Bergvall is revealing. This man was charged as a serial killer up to thirty times and found guilty in lower courts of eight murders. The evidence was non-existing or extremely scant. There was absolutely no technical evidence, no dna-samples tying Quick to the numerous crimes. The guilty verdicts were in reality based on manipulated confessions of Quick. The circumstances of these confessions were however astonishing. Quick was during the murderinvestigations heavily sedated and was lured to confessions by therapists, psychiatrists and police investigators. How could all this go on for years and years? Looking at the court configurations, at least eight lower court judges and something like 30 jurors have put their signatures under the guilty verdicts? There is obviously a need for medical examinations of the spines and brains of Swedish jurors and judges? Defence lawyers and prosecutors should perhaps also be called in for some thorough health check-ups. Has the rule of law been replaced with the rule of bias and cheating?


(Defence lawyer Claes Borgström)