Mitt förslag: Demonstration till Rosenbad/Vattenfalls huvudkontor inom den närmaste tiden






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This weekend we heard breaking news that the Swedish government has approved the sale of Vattenfall’s German lignite coal operations to Czech company EPH. They’ve failed the most important climate test yet for Sweden’s climate leadership.

This makes it clear our politicians won’t act on their own to keep fossil fuels in the ground – will you pledge now to do what it takes to protect us from a climate crisis?

Sweden had an incredible opportunity to stop the sale and commit to keep Vattenfall’s dirty lignite reserves in the ground — instead our government has just thrown its climate commitments out of the window, now wanting to put their efforts into EU emissions trading, a market based mechanism which has consistently failed to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

In May, thousands of us joined together to show Vattenfall and the government just how easy it was for people to shut down those German coal mines. We raised the debate to keep it in the ground to a completely new level. When we started, this looked like a done deal but our movement managed to get public opinion on our side and made sure the government could not quietly sign off the deal without a fight. Though the decision is heavy news, it’s clear that we’re gaining the momentum and strength we will need to achieve a just transition away from fossil fuels.

It’s also clearer than ever that it’s going to be left to us to take the action necessary to ensure fossil fuels are kept in the ground. Are you ready to step up and take the leadership that our politicians seem so incapable of?

Pledge now that you’ll organise and take action. Pledge to keep fossil fuels in the ground and hold the Swedish government to account for the climate promises they made in Paris.

We’ve come so far, and we’re not going to stop here.

Take care and get organised,
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